10K Likes Within 3 Months

Digital Diary is an online media publishing platform in the self-help industry. Our team at MYCRO helped Digital Diary create, execute and analyze a social media marketing strategy, along with social media management.

When we first started working Digital Diary, the platform did not have a Facebook page. It was starting from the basics, and starting fresh.

Although, the platform was generating some amazing content in the self-help industry, it did not have any exposure on social media. However, right from the start, we knew what the demand for positive content was like.

Excitingly, we started working with Digital Diary to help them devise a social media marketing strategy; in turn focus on Facebook and Instagram as the key traffic generating platforms.

Working with our design teams, we helped set up the pages, generate visuals, and create videos.

Our goal with Digital Diary was to generate engagement, and that is what we successfully accomplished. Within 3 months, the platform generated 10K Facebook followers, with a 197% increase in clicks.

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Digital Diary

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